MELTON Partner

As Partner in MELTON Group you will benefit from a lot of advantages.

Our business concept is rooted in three values. Through these we secure advantages and benefits for both dealers and consumers.

Products: Design and quality. Cooperation: Among our employees with our customers and with our suppliers. Business: We create a win-win situation. Our products are designed and manufactured with comfort, fit and quality in mind. Socks are woven in colored yarns that provide the best durability wash after wash.

Everything we do will be done with service in mind – our deliveries, servicing, visits to the shops and in business development.

Minimum order: “3 pairs per colour per size”. Combine the right collection for each store and ensure the best choice for consumers and customers.



We want to create and deliver the very best – every time. From design and function, from materials to measurements, from sales to service, from products to processes.

We work hard and aim to get it right the first time – better safe than sorry!

Quality is uncompromising and so are we!


We do it with a smile. We put our customer before anything else and believe that good long-term relationships are key to success.

We want to be the preferred partner from sales to delivery. We are always ready to do that little extra. Internally, we are also each other’s customers.

Customers are the most important thing we have!


Flexibility is very important to us. Our customers are different and have different needs – and they must feel that our collection and service is created just for them.

We are ready for change and see opportunities rather than limitations. We see solutions where others see problems.

Change is something we create together!

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