…It all began with the idea of making high quality socks. Today we offer a very comprehensive program, covering the 4 categories FEET WEAR, SHOEWEAR, BODYWEAR and OUTERWEAR. A multitude of designs, patterns and colors – in a fit and quality that you will not find elsewhere.

The range covers both BASIC and FASHION. The collections are adapted and renewed twice a year to ensure that they are always fashionable and contemporary. The target audience is girls and boys age 0-16 years.

All Melton garments have of a high content of natural fibers and the yarns are dyed in durable colours that stands even after repeated washing. All to ensure comfort, fit and quality.

MELTON collections consists of four categories: FEET WEAR (socks / tights / leggings), SHOEWEAR (indoor shoes) BODY WEAR (underwear) and OUTERWEAR (accessories) – all made from the best quality materials and the house-own, “Danish design”. All MELTON styles can be mixed and matched – also with the brands MOVE, MIKK-LINE and PAPFAR.


MELTON – makes your day funnier…



Cotton is natural fibres – it’s soft and durable. MELTON only uses the very finest quality cotton. All of our yarn has been yarn-coloured, meaning that the yarn has been coloured before being used in the knitting process.

The ensures that both fit and colours last through countless washes.



Wool is the very best from nature.
Wool insulates against both cold and hot weather – and is as such an excellent choise no matter the season. Wool absorbs moisture from the skin, leaving you always feeling dry. MELTON offers both pure wool products and the popular wool/cotton combination.
There’s something for everybody.
Wool is a solid favourite – created to feel cosy!



We use 100% Soft Natural Leather that makes our indoor shoes very lightweight and comfortable.
The leather allows little feet to breathe, keeping them warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.

We use soft leather sole that is ideal for bouncing, crawling and early walking – great for those first steps!



… is the cornerstone of MELTON and foundation of our success. In FEET WEAR you will find socks, leggings and tights in among others cotton, wool and bamboo – all of dyed quality yarns that keeps shape and color and will withstand repeated laundering



… are quality indoor shoes for children. High comfort, perfect fit, excellent quality materials and attractive design are the key elements in this range.



… for both baby and junior. The super soft qualities and excellent fit make our BODYWEAR very much in demand. The many beautiful styles in the BODYWEAR series are in the stores now.



The impressive series of MELTON summer and winter hats, gloves and mittens are available in a myriad of different designs and colours.

LET’S GO – a great start!

Let’s Go have non-skid ABS coating on the knees, toes and under the foot. Let’s Go is the perfect choice when a child needs to learn to crawl and walk – they always have a secure grip. Choose between tights, socks og kneepads.

BASIC styles

At MELTON you will find a large collection of basic styles in a variety of colours. Twice a year we add new colours so that our BASIC styles are always contemporary. MELTON BASIC styles include stockings, tights and selected indoor shoes. See the many options with MELTON BASIC collection in the catalogue or in the stores right now.

Indoor shoes

At MELTON we have a wide range of indoor shoes in both soft leather and colorful textile shoes. All our shoes are made from the best quality materials. They have a perfect fit and non-slip soles, so the child has a safe grip on even slippery surfaces.

NUMBERS – Multiple in the same package

NUMBERS is our multiple basic collection of underwear, socks and tights all in the high MELTON quality. NUMBERS styles are soft, extremely comfortable and in durable colors.

Socks / tights
The NUMBERS collection offers a wide range of solid and striped socks and tights in the well-known, good MELTON quality. The stockings are available in 3-pack and 5-pack and tights in 2-pack.

NUMBERS underwear are available in 3 qualities: Cotton rib, cotton jersey and the combination of wool/cotton.

Cotton rib
97% cotton and 3% elastane. The cotton ribs adorn the child comfortably and are available in several fresh colors. Choose between bodystocking and underwear for both girls and boys. Cotton rib series is sold as 2-pack.

Cotton jersey
95% cotton and 5% elastane. The extremely soft jersey quality is available as bodystocking and underwear for both girls and boys. The cotton jersey series is sold as 2-pack.

48% wool, 44% cotton and 8% polyamide. The combination of soft wool and comfortable cotton inside makes this series something unique. This series is  expanded to include a suit – in addition to bodystocking and underwear. All the wool / cotton products carry the recognized product brand Oeko-Tex®, which is your guarantee that the products have undergone a wide range of tests based on a variety of health-related parameters.


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