The best shoes when not having bare feet…

MOVE is premium footwear for everyday use designed with attention to great fit, comfort and quality. Developed for smart and active kids – “Always with a twist”.

MOVE by MELTON is much more than just shoes. It’s freedom of movement, comfort and flexibility for small feet. It is the freedom to run and have fun. It is functional footwear, filled with thoughtful details and it’s made from the best quality materials.



Prewalker SS16


The child’s first MOVE. Next to bare feet PREWALKER from MOVE provide the feet the best conditions to develop. The perfect fit, the extra soft leather – internally and externally – and the beautiful design simply make them irresistible!

Infant SS16


Colourful shoes with MOVE. The new INFANT series is designed to give the child the best conditions in regard to fit and comfort. The extra heel support and adjustable velcro closure keeps the shoes in place.

Girls SS16


MOVE with style. Eye-catching design and beautiful details in trendy colours characterise the new GIRLS collection. The colours are closely aligned with the new trends and MOVE are perfect combined with jeans or dresses.

Boys SS16


MOVE for active boys. Choose from cool sneakers, smart loafers and cool sandals in durable leather – for everyday and special occasions.

SS16 image

Spring-Summer 2019

The new MOVE collection is ready. The colors are subdued and pleasant and attention is paid to even the smallest detail of every shoe. New surfaces, exciting mix of materials and new soles – Every shoe is a conscious composition from the inside out.

The close collaboration between the designers and our shoes expert ensures the comfort and fit. And with a lot of different designs there is something for everyone …


MOVE inner soles are mare of soft wool or leather to enhance shoe comfort. Having the logo embossed in the leather shoe comfort. Having the logo embossed in the leather soles ensures that no details will irritate the foot when playing around. Almost as pleasant as walking barefooted..


To achieve the perfect MOVE look in every style, we´re constantly developing our designs and materials. We select the material from a wide range to different leather types. These leaters are again carefully selected in accordance with our high standards for kids shoes. Combinations of textiles, leathers and different surfaces are also among our latest styles.


Nove laces are not just any laces. They are carefully selected to match each type of shoe. Whether waxed, shiny, rounded or woven – nothing is by coincidence!
Comon to all the laces is that they are of the highest quality and extremely durable. In addition to this, they always add a special twist to the shoes.


Each shoe gets its own identity with the small details we add in the development process.
Contrasting stitches, bows, flowers, differents surfaces, welts and much more give our MOVE shoes their personality.
We always focus on the small details that make the difference..


Each outer sole is designed to meet the demands and needs of children.
Most outer soles are made from natural rubber, which ensures supreme flexibility and softness. All MOVE outer soles are lightweight, easy to clean and have a secure grip specifically tuned to match children’s activites throughout the day.


The closing on a shoe is importent to secure a perfect fit. We use laces, straps with buckles, zippers, elastic or velcro for tightening the shoe.
Most MOVE shoes have an adjustable closing that makes the shoe fit regardless of whether you have high or low instep.

FIrst flex walker


FIRST FLEX WALKER – indoor prewalker from MOVE with highly flexible outsole which provides a firm and non-slip grip when the child starts wakling. Soft leather inside and exterior for easy instep. The wide Velcro makes FIRST FLEX WALKER sit perfectly on the foot regardless of whether you have high or low instep. Recommended for active children

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