… is the latest addition to MELTON Group. In June 2015, we acquired PAPFAR. PAPFAR is known for prints and fine qualities. PAPFAR has undergone a year of exciting changes, and now we can unveil the brand new and revolutionary styles that are in the autumn/winter collection.

Flexibility, comfort and durability: fine lines of craftsmanship that we cherish. And then, of course, there is the nice design and contemporary styles. Everything combined in the MELTON way.




You will find the most beautiful girl styles in different qualities in our new collection. All styles are colour coordinated and can be combined in many ways. Sizes from 0-10 years.


Our basic collection is made of fine and high quality materials which ensure excellent fit and longlasting colors – also after several washing.


Cool boys in cool clothing from PAPFAR. Our boys collection is available in beautiful colours in the well known, high PAPFAR quality. Sizes from 0-10 years.


PAPFAR cotton is pure luxury. The quality is great and the colours are matched by the coming trends. Our PAPFAR brand – the small heart print – is delicate added to each style – either printed or on a small tag. The fit of all BASIC cotton styles are carefully tested and stand even after repeated washing.


100% wool of the finest quality. Our wool does not itch – it’s extra soft and very pleasant against delicate skin. Wool has the special property that it regulates temperature which makes it very popular. In addition, wool has the property that it can absorb up to 35% moisture without feeling damp. Thanks to these amazing properties, wool is a preferred material of our PAPFAR collection.

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