If you want outerwear for general use with a dirt-repelling surface, high durability and a perfect fit, then our SOFT SHELL WEAR is the obvious choice. It is packed with plenty of functional details, which ensure the best comfort in daily use. SOFT SHELL WEAR can be combined with FLEECEWEAR for extra cold protection.



Waterproof fabrics are coated to prevent penetration from water, completely blocking out rain while allowing vapour from sweat to evaporate. Note that fabrics designated as “water-repelling” are not waterproof, but will only resist rain for a while. The outermost layer of water repelling fabrics absorbs water and will cool down, making the clothing cold to wear. This is why almost all Mikk-Line outerwear goes beyond “water-repelling” to provide active children with true waterproof protection.


Windproof outerwear from Mikk-Line blocks wind, so that the warm air close to the body stays warm rather than being replaced by cold air from outside. This keeps the child warm and comfortable – even in windy conditions


Active children sweat, and this perspiration must be transported away from the child’s body with BREATHABLE fabrics before it can take the clothing clammy or wet and give the child a chill. As with all clothing, the higher the waterproof and windproof specifications, the more dif ficult is it to achieve the highest degree of breathability.


Another precaution on suits and jackets is our overlay at the top of the zipper. This protects the child’s soft chin when zipping up.


Staying visible in the dark is also something we take serious at Mikk-Line. Our reflectors have been approved in accordance with the EN 471 standard and are visible at a distance of up to 140 metres. This considerably reduces the risks associated with being outside in the dark.


At Mikk-Line, we prioritise the safety of children the utmost. As such, all our hoods are detachable with Velcro strips, making them easy for both adults and children to remove. Even if the hood gets caught on something, it will immediately detach from the outerwear when the child moves on.


Please always follow the instructions on the care label. Also follow these tips to get the most out of your Mikk-Line outerwear:
– Try to clean the outerwear with a wet cloth before washing
– Always empty the pockets before washing
– Close zippers/Velcro band before washing
– For faster drying, hang snowsuits and pants
with the legs up

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