Our ultra soft WOOLWEAR is made of 90% Merino wool, non-itchy, breathable and can be machine washed using the wool cycle.
When only the best is good enough!



Active children sweat, and this perspiration must be transported away from the child’s body with BREATHABLE fabrics before it can take the clothing clammy or wet and give the child a chill. As with all clothing, the higher the waterproof and windproof specifications, the more dif ficult is it to achieve the highest degree of breathability.


Insulated outerwear from Mikk-Line helps children stay warm while playing outside. We use heat-efficient materials that are light, soft and breathable – and never clump together – so active children can move freely even when the temperature drops.


Another precaution on suits and jackets is our overlay at the top of the zipper. This protects the child’s soft chin when zipping up.


We recommend airing wool fleece regularly – never in direct sunlight. Use wool program. Use wool detergent. No softener. Zipper/velcroband to be closed under wash. Lay flat to dry.

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